Style House Beauty Bar is Cleveland's downtown Blow Dry Bar


From the moment you enter our doors, we strive to make you feel welcome and like the true beauty you are.

Style House Beauty Bar was started from a passion that began from a young age. Owner, Elaina knew she was meant to make women feel beautiful, but was not sure on the route she wanted to take. One day it hit her, she wanted to make women feel amazing without having them sit in a salon all day doing cuts and colors. The aftermath seemed more important to her. Getting women ready for their big day, a photo shoot or just a night on the town really appealed to her. So that's where she started. Traveling from homes all over Greater Cleveland, Elaina made her loyal client base and perfected her love of the art of the blow out. She added skills like make up and waxing. She has grown to have a passion for all things beautiful.